2021-2022 offseason text

Atlanta won the 2021 World Series. Let's set that aside and at least celebrate that Houston did not.

Time to start looking towards 2022. Some big questions to answer, starting with the CBA expiring at the end of November. Will they reach a new one, will there be a lockout?

Also something to follow during the offseason is player movement, considering MLB's archaic player retention system makes it so that you often don't reach free agency until you're 30. For those under more years of potential team control, who will get tendered, who will be allowed to walk away?

Of those that have actually reached the end of team control and are free agents, these are the top 25 this offseason, according to MLB.com

1. Carlos Correa, SS, HOU
2. Corey Seager, SS, LAD
3. Kris Bryant , 3B/OF, SF
4. Max Scherzer, RHP, LAD
5. Trevor Story, SS, COL
6. Marcus Semien, SS/2B, TOR
7. Robbie Ray, LHP, TOR
8. Javier Baez, SS, NYM
9. Freddie Freeman, 1B, ATL
10. Kevin Gausman, RHP, SF
11. Marcus Stroman, RHP, NYM
12. Starling Marte, OF, OAK
13. Nick Castellanos, OF, CIN
14. Kyle Schwarber, OF, BOS
15. Carlos Rodon, LHP, CWS
16. Noah Syndergaard, RHP, NYM
17. Justin Verlander, RHP, HOU
18. Clayton Kershaw, LHP, LAD
19. JD Martinez, DH, BOS
20. Michael Conforto, OF, NYM
21. Brandon Belt, 1B, SF
22. Chris Taylor, UTL, LAD
23. Anthony Rizzo, 1B, NYY
24. Nelson Cruz, DH, TB
25. Raisel Iglesias, RHP, LAA

2022-2023 offseason text


2023-2024 offseason text

Shohei! Mother of god...

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Shohei, please.