What’s your favourite type of coffee brew method? Moka Pot? AeroPress? Espresso? Chemex? Hario V60? You choose and talk about it here.

Lately I’ve learned how to make cappuccinos using a Moka Pot. It’s surprisingly simple, I also found a Bodum handheld milk frothier on Amazon which I’ve been using. It’s pretty delicious. Moka Pots are clutch for a good espresso using a relatively inexpensive machine.

I’m looking for a relatively inexpensive coffee scale as well, so I can get the right measurements whenever I use my AeroPress or Chemex. Since I’ve been home because of COVID-19 I’ve had more reasons to try out different brew methods and coffee blends instead of just going to the local shop in Toronto. Considering the good quality coffee I get from my cafe of choice (Pilot Coffee Roasters), they give you specific guides with measurements for how to brew. I might as well follow them and get a good scale. Typically, I just guess the ratio.

I picked up these two from Pilot Coffee Roasters in Toronto —

I’ve had Heritage before blend before. It’s more of a standard coffee flavour, whereas I usually enjoy more adventurous coffees with tones of fruits or florals.