I couldn't find a dedicated thread (searching 'defenders' gave me a bunch of people arguing about Golden State).

It's out. 8 episodes.

It's pretty mediocre. Daredevil and Jessica Jones are cool, Luke Cage is fine, Iron Fist is still pretty bad. It's better than the execrable Iron Fist series, but there are some really dumb things in this series. Namely:

The villains suck. Sigourney Weaver was not right for this role. Bakuto isn't even soap opera tier. The writers completely dropped the thing about them being a ninja cult because...budget or something. They're all ancient immortal monks who speak in contemporary American English except one guy who only speaks disrespectful rough contemporary tough guy Japanese because I dunno.

The Hand can never track down the characters when they hang out at the places they always are, like the dojo or at home. But when they're hiding out somewhere unknown? You'd better believe they've insta-found them. They kill everybody mercilessly, except for the "they're loose ends, they know too much" mom and daughter who they put a single guy in a car watching them for days because who knows. Once said guy is beaten up, the "they just keep coming and coming" Hand give up on them forever.
Nothing about anybody's power levels make sense. The Hand are supposed to be more than the cops can deal with, yet Night Nurse can solo several of them unarmed. Jessica doesn't know martial arts...except every time she fights, when she can suddenly parry the world's deadliest martial artists and land counter-blows at warp speed. And she tosses cars with ease but her punches just kind of knock people over with all the force of...Night Nurse. Elektra can KO Cage but Daredevil can take her one on one and shrug off getting gutted by her. White Hat can also hurt Cage because I dunno.
The authorities let them steal stuff from a police station, punch through the station wall and blow up a skyscraper and cover the whole thing up because...the writers wrote themselves into a bad corner, knew they had to end the series with a big explosion but didn't want everybody to end up in jail forever.
There is a ham-handed lecture from Cage about white privilege because Fist was going to beat up a black criminal working with mass murders for information...you know, the way Cage does in almost every episode.Finn Jones still alternates between crazy/creepy/useless. And somehow never seems to remember that he can power geyser people like he did at the end of his series. It gets to the point where Stick, who has more sense than most of these characters, is forced to tell Matt that outright. Even the writers totally know how bad he sucks. But then they kill off Stick...and the whole Chaste offscreen because I dunno. Except Stone, who was in Daredevil then completely forgotten because deadlines.Stick cuts off his hand and then his arm gets longer because they blew the whole budget on the cast and they had to use 1950s b-movie tier FX by just putting paper mache over his hand.
The Hand leaders never mention The Beast because the writers were seemingly just winging their whole mythology in this. Almost nothing about Madame Gao is consistent across any of the series she appears in.
Colleen is still way too good for Danny and the only thing worth keeping from Iron Fist.

Okay, that's a lot of dumb things.

But uh...some of the characters get cool scenes? They fight the climactic battle to Protect Ya Neck because YOLO? The women are gorgeous? I'm just going to pretend this is Daredevil and His Shitty Friends Gaiden.