Didn't see any threads in here that covers any of this stuff so I figure I'd post one up and see if it kicks off well with anyone. Anyone out there that has some favorite youtube channels that they like to recommend to others? Or just want to post about in some sort of sign of adoration even if they're not directly recommending them? Youtube is a massive service that could easily fully replace television for a lot of people, especially people like me who finds non-fiction, documentaries, and other learning experiences far more engaging than fictional serials that tell a story. Not to say that youtube doesn't feature those as well, but I'm lacking in examples which is part of why I made this thread. To find some new stuff and have people share some of their favorite content creators.

I've got a lot of subscriptions, maybe too many so I wouldn't list everything because a lot of it is stuff that I might only find appealing. I'm mostly going to link stuff that I think is different or exceptionally well-done, something that does feel more like expertise or unparalleled enthusiasm rather than just a strong personality. Mostly stuff I think that most people would be interested in or at least respectful of.

John's Arcade - John's Arcade is a series put out by one guy by himself focusing on older arcade collections. Fair warning, the host has a strong personality. He's the kind of guy I think I'd immediately hate due to his nonstop energy and kind of awkwardness. But he's improved leaps and bounds as the show has gone on. His show focuses on Arcades but it covers all sorts of grounds with it. He has a personal collection in his basement of machines that he's bought over the years which he features in regular, lengthy unedited videos ranging from full on repairs(I think someone built a massive DVD box set of all the videos he put out of the Journey restore), and he's recently put a bunch of his machines in a bar with his friend so now taking the role as an operator. He also uploads gameplay of a lot of the arcade games and one of the best videos he puts out every December is a walk-through of his personal arcade where he talks and plays the games. In addition to this, John travles a lot around the country to see Arcades all over the globe as well as manufacturers. He's toured Stern twice, Raw Thrills, and has gone to a lot of cool notable arcades like Logan's Hardware, Pinball Hall of Fame, and Fun Spot while also finding a bunch of niche arcades that are a lot lesser known but still find success.

As I said, the guys got a strong personality but he means well enough and the stuff he does isn't really done as well as anyone else in the Arcade scene to me, video-wise.

RagnarRoxShow - There's a lot of these games critical analysis on Youtube lately. It's an open field that tends to lead toa lot of pretentious journalism majors that want to overblow gaming as a medium and its strengths. Games deserve more recognition but a lot of these channels feel like too strong of a push and make the authors come off as vapid and trying to find reason and depth where there is none rather than a normal, conversational approach to games. Ragnar's show does spill into that fairly often, but he has a good nature about his videos and he covers a lot of stuff differently than a lot of these other game analyzers do. He does feel like another that wants to push 'games are art' too strongly that repulses the opposition rather than showing them instead of telling, but I enjoy his output a lot.

The Killian Experience - Killian is a Swedish man that puts out of edited gaming 'garbage reviews.' He's funny as fuck to me. If you watch one of his videos you'll immediately get an idea of his style of humor and if you do, you'll immediately want to watch more. IF you don't, there's no need to keep looking through his stuff. He's got a bizarre quirkyness to him. I highly recommend the Half-Life garbage review or CS: Go 'how to beat medium bots'

Every Frame A Painting - Legit my favorite youtube channel. Everyone who has any remote interest in movies should subscribe to this guy. He doesn't flood your sub box and when he does put stuff out it's remarkably well-edited, poignant and informative. I'm not even a movie buff, and I'll drop everything to see his latest vidoes where he discusses all manner of things. My favorite part being that he likes and respects the Hong Kong Cinema and never neglects it from the conversation a lot of movie analysis youtubes do. Last year he did a video on Chuck Jones that's only 10 minutes and it's one of my favorite things to rewatch. His videos are also constantly filmed with new movies to discover and beautiful shots from said movies.

Ahoy - Kind of another overly analyzing gaming youtube channel but the videos are so well-done and the dudes voice is nothing short of epic. He falls even farther on the pretentious crowd than Ragnar and doesn't feel as 'human' but that's replaced by the sheer quality of his videos. The videos feel like something you would see on The History Channel or The Discovery Channel and the voice definitely helps. The Doom and Quake videos in particular are some of my favorites.