I listen to a lot of podcasts while driving and walking around so I was wondering if you guys have any recommendations.

I used to listen to the Basketball Jones for NBA recaps but since it became the Starters its not been as good so I unsubscribed and haven't found a replacement.

Some recent shows that I've gotten into:

StartUp - guy documents every part of his process of starting a new podcasting network from pitching his idea to billionaires to discussing equity split with his partner.

Reply All - podcast produced by ^ podcast studio. Apparently it already was a podcast under a different name, but I've only listened to this iteration. Short episodes about something related to the internet like the guy who invented the pop-up ad or an app that is the instagram for gross pictures taken by doctors for other doctors.

99% Invisible - kind of hit and miss for me so far. Discusses different things related to design from the flag of Portland to office chairs. A lot of episodes have been interesting, but some I just look at my phone and realize that the 20 minutes are up and I didn't retain any of the information.