Don't know if there's a thread for this but ever since entering university, I had to sell my cameras and gear to sustain myself. I got to play around with one again after a few years and was feeling a little nostalgic.

This thread is for the community to share their favorite moments and sights as well as give each other feedback on how to improve and bring newcomers up to speed on this very expensive hobby.

Photos from long ago, recently, Polaroid, iPhone, Nikon, Canon, all of it's welcome.

If you can, try to provide your EXIF data such as your f/stop, aperture, exposure, focal distance, etc when possible so we can refine our skills and craft.

For photos that don't belong to you, give credit and link to the person who took them!

I had to sell off my Canon 600D, Nikon D5000, Nikon F90. SB-800 Flash, 50mm, 70-200, 70-300, 11-16 Tokina lens, and more.

Currently own a Polaroid and an iPhone 5S.

Few years ago back home when I was visiting my family in Nakameguro during the spring.
Canon 600D, 70mm-300mm f/4-f/5.6

Climbed up a hill late at night and I wanted to take a photo of the lights of the campus and city behind it.
Nikon D5000, 70mm-200mm f/2.8

3-4 years ago, random photo while I was walking in the city I grew up in.
Found it on my iPhone, can't remember the data for it.