For a forum with such an emphasis on sports I figure we must have plenty of members who like to keep fit. Whatever your exercise of choice - gym work, running, playing sports, whatever - here is a place to discuss it, post progress, help each other with motivation and learn a few new things.

Keeping fit and having a healthy diet go hand in hand so feel free to talk about and compare diets, nutritional advice and all that good stuff. Not all diets work for all people but let us know what worked for you, maybe it'll help out someone else too.

Anyone just starting on a fitness journey please don't be afraid to ask for advice. Everyone is happy to help. I'll update this OP with videos and articles about gym work and especially nutrition if people would like. if people would like a decent breakdown of basic nutrition I can expand this section. Others can recommend content on other forms of exercise too, since I know little about running for instance.

Since the thread is just starting I figure we should introduce ourselves with basic info and explain how we like to keep fit. Can be handy for keeping track of progress too

Age: 22
Height: 6Ft (183cm)
Weight: 110Kg (243lb)
Goals: Lose much more fat, mainly through sticking to a diet.
Diet: I have awful trouble dieting, find it hard to stick to one for longer than a month. Going to try to simply cut out all the crap and see where it takes me.
Exercise of choice: Guess you'd call me a gym rat. Been gymming solidly for about 3 years up until I took a 3 month break due to exams, gym changing location and a few other things. Just got back into it the last 2 weeks and am getting into a groove again. I also play 5 a side once a week and am going to be adding HIIT training twice a week to help lose the fat.

Current weekly plan is - Monday: Chest workout, 5 a side.
Tuesday: Arms workout, Core work
Wednesday: legs workout
Thursday: Back workout, Core work
Friday: Shoulder workout, HIIT training
Sunday: HIIT training

If I have to miss a workout I'll fill it in on a Saturday or Sunday. I change the exercises of each session every 6-8 weeks too.

So SL&ENT, how do you keep fit?