Basically a thread to stop me from spamming the gaming thread with comments about a game that not many people care about

First drakenhold mission is the first time I've had to really split my units, and the first time in a while that I've fought enemies of the same level as mine. I'm going to need to rethink some things.

Had to use a shitload of items getting through the first five or so fights. Got nowhere near enough passive removal, accuracy or range to properly deal with thieves and wyvern riders. And I've got too many low guard columns that get rekt by thrust attacks.

Might try and make a squad that can fly to the command posts that spawn new enemies, and teleport yahna's unit there to rush them. The enemies that come from them seem pretty easy to kill, but they're a drain on stamina, block me from getting around the map efficiently, and you can get unlucky with bad matchups.