Figured I should stop shitting in the general thread with the tinkering posts. All forms of modding welcome besides just controllers.
I know Zabo switched out the switches in his Logitech mouse recently, so I wanted to keep this all inclusive for those types of projects,
as well as any type of keyboard customizing too.

So, what's good? Whether you just wanna put your own touch on your input device of choice,
or you want to improve on certain aspects of it. I hope this thread is a good place to get started for you.

Below are some fairly easy to follow tutorials on different mods available from ExtremeRate, which is the brand I've used thus far.
There's more mods available than just the ones below, if you have a Switch, PS4 or Xbox One. They have a selection of similar mods available.

Replacement trim - Beginner
Swappable thumbsticks - Beginner
LED kit - Intermediate
Replacement shells - Intermediate (heat gun/hairdryer required)
Rear paddles - Advanced (soldering optional)
Clicky triggers - Advanced

Series S/X
Swappable thumbsticks - Beginner
Replacement shell - Beginner
LED kit - Intermediate (soldering optional)
Clicky triggers - Advanced (soldering required)
Rear buttons - Advanced (soldering required)