A place to discuss weather and climate. Let’s try not to turn this into a natural disaster video porn thread. Current events are chill though. Seems like NY is in for a crazy storm tonight. Brag about being dry and warm or complain about being cold and wet. Tell us about the seasons. Share your picture of that perfect first beach day. Pac … you can always talk the about the temp settings on your AC since you don’t go outside. Is it a balmy 68 or a comfy 72? Got climate study, rad. Probably not the conclusion of the study, but rad to discuss none the less


I check the above link quite often. La Niña conditions are not good for the drought in California. The last El Niño conditions didn’t produce enough rains. Looks like we’re in for another dry fall and winter here in CA based on the website. Great.

The weather today, was quite nice though. Dropped into the low 70’s in Tustin this evening. Opened the window and let the breeze in. Should be nice and mild for sept tbt next couple week tho. Looks like one day will touch 90, but rest will be low to mid 80’s