Release date: July 7th

Platforms: The only ones that matter, PC and PS4

Why should you care? It's football with cars, like that Monster Truck Madness minigame, should I say more.

How do I get it? You buy it when it gets released you cheap bastard

I'm a silly 13 years old boy show me proof old man First of all fuck you pretty boy I'm no old man, there are old men in our community so press F to pay respects to these FootballFans, second here's a Youtube video of some random lad playing

I got a code, can I play? Not anymore, the beta is over.

Will you lads play on PC? Fuck off we ain't no Woodenlung, but you're in luck as there will be cross-platform online play

How much? Who cares just get it for free from the PS+ IGC.

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Pelè.gif | HellzFireJP
Ricky | RickyPio
Pennywise | Pennywisu
Dipro (FrenchMan) | Sitschey
Mangoverboard | Mangoverboard
Facism | Live_Feed
Lego | IAmTheEvolved
WillKiller (He'll keep ignoring us anyway) | SuperWillKiller
Fergie | Firewarrior
Pulga | Pulga07
hixx | jonno73
Dark_Prinny | CRAZY_SPIRIT