I hereby accuse Lord Reilo of abusing his powers in the night of July 9 2020 on a post in the "video games 2020" thread made by poster "Auto Simeone"

This post basically consisted of an image of https://preview.redd.it/gifzt190xe451.png?auto=webp&s=19d7345f454bc04e00c48c2f196046fa59657eb0 which I might suspect has Lord Reilo contracted with a severe case of the "salt", as a result he put me in my own ignore list along with several others such as user Yurtlicious, user blackace, user Pac-12. I don't know why Lord Reilo would put all those users in the ignore list along with me, perhaps Lord Reilo tried to make it look like an accident.

Here you can see my thought process and coming to the conclusion that I was put in my ignore list by Lord Reilo, helped by Sir FootballFan:

What do I demand? I demand an apology from Lord Reilo, and a promise not to abuse his powers again.

Why am I potentially sacrificing my forum account to present an accusation, you say? Well, it's quite simple. I demand justice. I don't like corruptness. Say what you will about my forum "personality"(I don't really think I did anything wrong), but I would never stoop so low. As you might suspect, I have ethical standards. If this gets shut down prematurely, then run away from this forum.

yes I know Reilo is the admin, not a mod

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