July 23rd, 12 P.M ET

-1 hour pre-show with Geoff Keighley
-YouTube Stream
-Twitch Stream
-60 minute, 1080p60fps live stream with 4k/60fps trailers available afterwards.

What To Expect?
-Halo Infinite
-Playground Games(Forza Horizon) is currently developing an action RPG rumored to be a Fable reboot. Should be revealed here.
-The Initiative, a new studio is working on an AAA title, rumors indicate Perfect Dark, may or may not appear during this event.
-New AAA RPG by Obsidian
-New trailers/gameplay of currently announced Xbox 1st Party games like Hellblade 2, Grounded, Flight SImulator, Everwild, Age of Empires etc. /
-Possible Xbox Gold/Gamepass merger

What Not to Expect
-Any hardware/business news.
-Elden Ring or any major third party reveals. Event is focused almost entirely on Xbox 1st party and Xbox published software.