I'm surprised there's no thread about this...

I'll be honest, from Diallou to Sean Bell, all the way down to Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner and everything in between, some of these cases were clear cut ruthless aggression, some murder, and some self defense. And almost all involved an actual policing body. But never have I seen something so absurdly racist as what I watched the other day. I try to be as impartial as possible with these sort of things, and this falls under the clear cut murder category in my mind. The fact that instead of calling the police while they followed him, they went and got an additional car to tail them, to record, and to also load their weapon says all there needs to be said.

They thought they were going to send would-be thieves a message to stay out of their neighborhood. Instead they used lethal force and thought they had the right to take matters into their own hands. Stand Your Ground doesn't apply here, as they seeked out their own vigilant justice and provoked the incident instead of letting the actual authorities handle the situation.

No question about any of this, but this was fueled by racism and these sick fucks deserve a prison sentence of 20 years minimum.