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NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reports the league and NFLPA have reached agreement on a voluntary offseason program for 2020.

Teams will host "virtual" offseason programs starting next Monday. The OTAs will last three weeks and can't include any on-field work. This had been the expected outcome after the NFL suspended OTAs indefinitely. There's still no timeline for when team facilities will be reopened.

ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports, "The NFL still plans to release 2020 schedule by May 9, based on a full season."

Mortensen added, "Adjustments to the schedule will be made, as and if necessary, the sources said. Contingencies remain in discussion." It sounds like the NFL won't be announcing a delay to the season anytime soon. Of course, it remains to be seen if everything will actually be on schedule. This surely won't be the last news regarding the NFL's 2020 start date.
So I forgot the new NFL actually opened but due to al the COVID-19 stuff all camps were canceled. The NFL Draft was pushed back and is now a virtual draft a al Fantasy Football and starts April 26th at 8 PM (today). It's funny because the actual process isn't the issue; it's all the GMs/scouts communicating to each the and relaying picks to the NFL that gets wonky. Amazingly, the NFL plans to starting the season on-time but it's not up to them in reality; depends on how the country does in June/July. Remember that the NFL officially expanded the postseason to 14 teams for the 2020-21 season, so that's another thing they have to schedule.

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