What? Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Which console(s)? Nintendo Switch
When does it release? March 20th 2020
Can we play it online? Why yes of course we can

So what is this Animal Crossing game you're talking about?

Animal Crossing has been one of the more important Nintendo IP's ever since they started the series. Animal Crossing is basically a life simulator with cute animals and a huge debt you owe to a business raccoon. Better known as the infamous Tom Nook. In this new edition of Animal Crossing we go to a deserted island. We get the chance to pick an island lay-out to our liking and Tom Nook will facilitate a tent for us to sleep in. Besides that two villagers will accompany you on the island from the start. From here on out we just start slowly building our new little society.

Animal Crossing works with the real time clock of your Nintendo Switch. Besides that the game allows you to select in which part of the world you live. This way the game will always be on the same cycle as we the players are in real life. So if you're living in Australia it will be winter in your game while for European players it will be summer in their game. It also means that if the shops close at let's say 8pm, you won't be able to do some shopping anymore after 8pm in your real life. That basically means the game will keep changing and especially the first 365 days of playing we will keep seeing new things. For the first time ever Nintendo is delivering the holiday events as DLC (for free). This will mean with a bit of luck that they can do something different each year and no holiday will be the exact same as last year. This also means there's a possiblity of Nintendo adding new villagers and items over the game's lifespan. Nothing of that nature is confirmed yet, but these are exciting times for Animal Crossing fans nonetheless.

Much like in older games it's still a goal to keep expanding your house and being in debt to Tom Nook to do so. We still have a museum to fill with fish and bugs. And we still will want to keep playing to get new shops or have older shops expanding so we can buy more stuff to decorate our houses with. Two of the biggest new improvements to all this are the options to terraform your island next to placing furniture outside. With the first one it's possible to create waterfalls, dig new rivers or build ridges to change the island as you see fit. And it will finally incorporate proper path management. Placing furniture outside will finally allow you to actually give a personal touch to your island. From the footage we've seen so far the possibilities look endless. Next to those new options we can also finally craft stuff in Animal Crossing. Cutting down trees will give us some logs and other raw materials. By collecting DIY recepies we can now craft all kinds of tools and furniture with those raw materials. Pretty exciting if you ask me.



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