January 1/ Wednesday/ BBC

Tvs new dracula is like an evil James Bond
That man is the relatively unknown Danish actor Claes Bang, whose electrifying Dracula channels the snarl and aesthetic of Christopher Lee and Hammer House of Horror, but is in reality something closer to a deliciously evil James Bond.
‘Dracula’ Review: Sharp in Tooth and Wit
Why BBC's Dracula Is Better Than Any Other Version Before It

January 8 / Wednesdasy/ Freeform

A deportation-focused ‘Party of Five’ remake is timely but shallow
This switch is the series’ big hook, and at times “Party” feels absolutely vital, with smart writing and affecting performances to back up its weighty premise. But at other times, the series lacks depth and nuance in expanding its story beyond deportation, and the writers struggle to make the characters more than stereotypes.
The Party Of Five reboot may be “timely,” but its story is older than the original
‘Party of Five’ Makes the Personal Political

January 12/ Sundays/ HBO

Gripping and gruesome, The Outsider is one of the best Stephen King adaptations in years
But The Outsider works. Like any good King adapter, Price hews close to King’s original plot while relying on his own strengths to give the world an evocative visual palette and characters that feel truly alive within it
‘The Outsider’ Brings a Faceless Terror, and Stephen King, to HBO
‘The Outsider’ Review: A Stephen King Thriller Goes Lights Out

January 12/ Sundays/ PBS

Sanditon Delivers Everything You’d Expect of a Jane Austen Adaptation — Until it Doesn’t
It’s an exquisite production, both beautiful and thoughtful. It’s adapted in ways that feel smart and human, while also pumping some helpful friction into the story. Then, at the end, Sanditon makes choices that will leave most viewers feeling, at best, extremely perplexed. At worst, it may feel like a betrayal.
Jane Austen's unfinished 'Sanditon' becomes a modern 'Masterpiece'
Jane Austen never finished ‘Sanditon,’ so PBS is happy to fluff it up and draw it out

January 13 / Mondays/ HBO

The New Pope’s Old Magic
Call it cognitive dissonance, call it magic, call it the divine—you can’t help but want to understand how it works. In The New Pope, Lenny Belardo’s improbable survival after heart failure is like the Church’s and like Christ’s: one of the greatest shows on Earth. That’s a title that Sorrentino’s series, in its most fully realized moments, can claim too.
The New Pope’ Is Beautifully Bonkers
The New Pope’ Review: Resurrecting Entertainment

Jauary 17 / Fridays/ Apple TV+

Little America’ Review: Exiles on Main Street L
Arriving in the America of 2020, however, the mere existence of this series can’t help but feel political. Simply presenting its characters as human beings worthy of consideration and empathy plays as a shot across the bow of those who want everyone like them to disappear from our soil.
‘Little America’ Review: Small Stories Pay Off Big in a Heartwarming Apple TV+ Series
In Apple TV+’s Little America, Immigrants — Indian, Mexican, Iranian take center stage

January 19/ Sundays/ HBO

Armando Iannucci returns to HBO with a Hugh Laurie-fronted futuristic comedy about a disaster in space.
It's from this perspective that Iannucci's latest HBO offering, Avenue 5, is perhaps best approached — as a comic Poseidon Adventure in space. Such a perspective might benefit the first couple episodes, which don't stumble so much as they unfold and reveal themselves in ways that aren't always quite as funny as they should be, though things become more amusing after chaos starts ensuing.
HBO's amusing Avenue 5 sends Hugh Laurie into orbit
Avenue 5' review: Iannucci's sci-fi sitcom is the funniest thing on HBO

January 19/ Sundays/ HBO

January 23/ Thursdays/ CBS All Access

January 28/ Tuesdays/ TBS

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