-Monster Hunter World : Iceborne comes to PC on the 9th.

-GranBlue Fantasy Versus. A Cygames fighter developed by ArcSystem games releases exclusively on the PS4 on the 6th.
-Dreams exits Early Access and releases in full on the 14th, including a full campaign, VR, online coop and a slew of improvements for creators and dream surfers. PS4 Exclusive.
-Bayonetta and Vanquish combo pack releases on PS4 and XBO on the 18th. Buy it.

-Ori and The Will of the Wisps comes to PC and XBO on the 11th.
Nioh 2. March 13th. PS4 Timed Exclusive. Assuming this will come to PC after a year like the 1st game.
-Animal Crossing: New Horizons finally arrives exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on the 20th.
-Doom Eternal, sequel to the praised Doom 2016 also releases on the 20th on PS4/PC/XBO. Doom 64 is included with every purchase.
-Half Life : Alyx. The long awaited, Valve developed Half Life prequel is set to drop in March. PC VR only.

-Final Fantasy VII Remake Part One. The first entry into the highly anticipated FFVII Remake series releases on the 10th. Timed PS4 Exclusive.
-Resident Evil 3 Remake.. Following up RE2 Remake, Capcom and newly founded in-house studio M-TWO remake another fan favorite RE title. PS4/XBO/PC

The Last of Us Part II. Sequel to one of the greatest games of the decade. Experience Naughty Dog's longest developed title on the 29th. PS4 Exclusive.

Summer 2020.

Ghosts of Tsushima. Sucker Punch has spent almost the entirety of the PS4's lifetime developing this grounded, Feudal Japan set open world action/stealth adventure game. Find out if it's shit or not sometime in Summer 2020. PS4 Exclusive.
-Death Stranding comes to PC. Experience Kojima's genius hiking simulator sometime in the summer.

September 2020
-Marvel's Avengers. GAAS Avengers developed by Crystal Dynamics arrives Sept 2020. PS4/XBO/PC.

Unscheduled 2020 titles.
-Cyberpunk 2077. FPS RPG by CDprojekt Red releases Sept 2020. PS4/XBO/PC.

-New Assassins Creed by the AC Origins Team. Most likely Holiday 2020, cross gen release.
-Watch Dogs: Legion. Originally slated for a March release, the underwhelming performance of The Division 2 and Ghost Recon: Breakpoint has made UBisoft delay Watch Dogs and Gods and Monsters to ensure quality as well as restructure their AAA strategy going forward. Watch Dogs is now a cross gen release.
-Psychonauts 2.

Both Next generation consoles are set to release in Holiday 2020.

Xbox Series X

PlayStation 5.