What is this game all about?
You fight demons and other monsters, I guess? I haven't really played any of these and only watched the E3 trailer. The gifs psy posted looked fun tho. If you played Bayonetta it's probably similiar to that.

Ah yes, Dante, who doesn't know Dante? He's like the main guy of the series and has white hair and is very strong. I'm reasonably sure he wants to kill someone or something because the world is in danger. He used to be younger and now he's older.
I think that's Dante's son and he probably was in a game before this one as I remember people recognizing him in the E3 trailer. So look up the wiki of older games to know what he's up to.
There's a third guy too and i think he's new so you don't need to know anything about him beforehand. They named him V because this is the fifth Devil May Cry game which bodes well for the game's writing.
Lady that drives a van and makes weapons:
She makes weapons and drives a van.

Out now on PC, XB1 and PS4. Buy it, play it or don't. I don't really care.