Welcome to the thread representing the best way to game in 2019. Free from the barriers of console gaming, you choose how to approach your gaming experience. Build your own or go through the babyz route like Laboured. Deck it out with RGBs or be a bore like our guy Kibner who prefers nothing, and has 120hz hearing. Suffer through a console like experience with a GTX or AMD GPU at 1080p, or ascend to a higher place with the RTX line. The choice is yours!

Things to expect in 2019:

Zen 2
UW HRF monitors
The continuation of RGB
AMD hopefully being competitive in the GPU space
New Intel Procs
Further Ray Tracing exposure on PC and more

PC Thread SMEs

GPUs / Displays = me
Audio and Ergo equipment = Kibner
Storage and Obscure = diehard
SFF Cases - HottestVapes
How Not to Build a PC = Frankman
Vendor PCs = Laboured
Outdated PC takes = Reilo


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