Pro clubs? What is this?

Pro Clubs is a mode in Fifa in which you take control of a single player and you alongside up to 11 other friends play football matches against other clubs. Slaent FC is a club with history, passion, and most of all Playstation Plus, and we've risen through the ranks again and again, achieving every title there is to get but the coveted Division 1.

Why is there a thread only until now?

Fifa 19 is the first Fifa game in a long time which I'm not embarrased to own.

Alright, I'm a bit interested. But who will I play with?

Slaent FC already has the best of the best, just let these informational images tell you all about it.*

Of course, we couldn't ever reach these heights without our fallen comrades

*Section pending images for some members such as myself.

Alright, this sounds fun. What can I do to join?

Anyone can join the club, just PM Fergie here on Slaent and you'll be right on the way to making history with us.