7 - Abira
6+ - Chitose
5+ - Sapporo Kita-ku, Eniwa, Ebetsu, Tomokamai
5 - Muroran, Iwamizawa, Hakodate, Noboribetsu, Kitahiroshima, Nanporo, Date
4 - Sapporo Chuo-ku, Takikawa, Kushiro, Otaro
3 - Sapporo Minami-ku, Aomori

Not fun waking up to a 4.0 at 03:00 this morning... Blackouts, no water, spotty service right now. Infrastructure here in Toyohira is fine for the most part besides cracks and flipped cars. Looks like outer parts of the city like Kiyota have it bad.

Chitose has a lot of damage and there are landslides out in the more rural areas.

Everyone's been heading to local parks for water, gas station, conbini to stock up throughout the morning when aftershocks over.

Wife got us prepared.

Visiting parents now...