Basic rules to follow so we can talk about our favorite manga and stuff we're reading:

First, Let's talk about how you should post.

Put the name of series as the first line in your post and make sure there is a space between the bolded name of the series and the text. After this feel free to talk about the series without tags. Here's an example:

Bleach 462

Why am I reading this again?

Second, ABSOLUTELY DO NOT ask where to read manga or link to any scanlation websites. Once again just in case you missed it the first time ABSOLUTELY DO NOT link ask where to read manga or link to any scanlation websites. Oh yeah if you post a page or panel then it needs to logo free.

Third, let's talk about spoilers. We're talking about all manga in one topic without tags. If you don't want to be spoiled about a new chapter as soon as it hits the googles/your favorite source then don't enter this thread because we are talking about it. We're not talking about anime here so you can casually bring up new episodes since they are in filler or behind schedule. See rule number 1 and please bold the header of your post to help everyone else avoid spoilers. If the chapter you're going to talk about was released within one day and has major spoilers for the series and you want to discuss it then please add some additional context to the bolded chapter title to indicate this to help others. Here's an example:


What could I possibly spoil?

Honestly, please think before your post a spoiler one way or the other. Spoiler tags for text are not needed.

Fourth, leaks such as scans or translation do not count as of now unless a mod comes through and alters the rules. With that said, spoiler tag any leaks or discussion of the chapter if a translation has not been put out yet. Leaks need sources. At least come through with a location, name, or link at worst.

Again, no spoiler tags for text needed, that is the benefit of coming here.

Fifth, Please don't link/embed major image spoilers.