The longest-running fantasy football league for this community is back once again... now for its 10th season. While this is an established league with a great deal of history, it is not a dynasty league. Everyone starts from scratch with a clean slate just like all of the teams in the NFL. Filled with aspirations of being great until reality sets in and you realize you're playing for the Browns or the Bills.

That means we cycle through a number of new owners each and every year. This year will likely be no exception... so if you're interested in joining the frey feel free to express your interest in the thread below and - if there's space - you may wind up contacted by the Commissioner and receive an invitation to join. (As always, that's not me... I just maintain the OT. The Commish is cloudy.)

I'll maintain a wait list of those who have expressed interest in this OP for easy reference. Once we get a sense of how many slots need to be filled with newbies, the top names on the list will get PMed to pass along Email contacts so formal league invites can be issued.

Furthermore, as always, this is a league with actual stakes. I mean, sure, some of these upstart ResetEra leagues are going to have bragging rights and glory at stake... but this league plays for more than that. We play for Amiibos / Loot Boxes / Gamerscore / Bitcoins / Random Substitute for Dollars that Isn't Dollars But is Actually Dollars. League dues last season were 65 of said unit of measurement up front with the top 4 teams making the money. Did I say money? That's just a metaphor. Yeah... metaphor.

This season the league dues are being increased up to $75. The payout structure is still being deliberated but the top 4 places will all be paid.

As always, previous players get priority. Invites were sent out recently but you can always check in to your Yahoo! fantasy profiles if yours got buried. If you can't find said invite and need it resent, PM me or the Commish immediately and we'll hook you up.

The League
League Settings

The Season 10 ResetEra OT

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DRAFT DATE & TIME: Sunday, August 26th at 10:30pm Eastern / 7:30pm Pacific

This is a 16 team head-to-head, 0.5 PPR redraft league with a snake draft and weekly waiver priority determined by a team's outstanding FAAB budget (yes, we're a FAAB league now) with claim tiebreaks determined by team standings (the lower place team gets preference). 8 teams make the playoffs. Return yardage is credited to offensive players as well so be sure to factor that in to your drafting decisions.

Payout structure will be disclosed below once it's finalized to reflect the buy-in increase from $65 to $75. As always, Week 14 is the ever critical MONEY WEEK where you make the money if you win and make nothing if you lose.

1st - $500
2nd - $400
3rd - $200
4th - $100

A rookie won the league in Season 8 so don't be discouraged from joining just because we have an established crop of regulars. Conversely, a long-time veteran owner finally won the league after numerous attempts just last season, so persistence can and will pay off if you stick around long enough. (Unless you're the Long Island Broskis... in which case you are fated to never win.)

Returning for Another Season

Angel's Superb Team {Sinistar}
Bail Kings Era {Crazymoogle}
Dinner Out {Ife aka Cloudy's Cousin}
Evil Corp {Hazelhurst}
The Ghost of Peyton {cloudy aka The Commish}
Good As Gould {rinker}
Jimmy Guappolo {TheSkullPrince}
Long Island Broskis {UberTag}
Mild Concussions {SaveWeyard}
Spyders {spyder_ur}
TD's N' Beer {Minx aka The Defending Champ}

New Recruits for 2018

Business Time {Deacon}
Knibb High Football {grang}
Smokin' Jays {Corran Horn}

Still Waiting to Pay The League Entry Dues

Ember Island Players {GCQ}

Best of luck in the draft on Sunday night!