Let’s have a separate thread for our yearly league so we can talk about FPL freely without bothering those people who are uninterested.

For those uninitiated, the official Premier League Fantasy is at fantasy.premierleague.com

A ton of good info is available at fantasyfootballscout.co.uk, some stuff is behind a paywall, which is understandable given the quality of research and tools they put in. For cheapos like myself, it’s still got good free articles to help you make your team.

We have a private classic league, admined by n8. I’ll update the thread when I get the league invite code.

Lots of people start out and few people care about it toward the end of the season, but maybe with a separate thread to discuss it, we can keep interest going a little longer.

I’ll kick off the discussion by asking: who here is going for Salah at 13.0m? He’s tremendously expensive this season after being top point scorer last time, and a lot of people have reservations about whether he can follow up last season’s explosive numbers.

My feeling is that it’s too scary not to have him. If he has a good first few weeks and his price raises its going to be nearly impossible finding a way to fit him into a lineup. Seems the safe option to start the season with Salah and then trade him out if he’s not able to match his value with numbers.