And here we go! World Cup fever is rising and SLAENTers will get the opportunity to decide who among them is the World Champion.
Since we have limited number of teams available and no repeat teams will be allowed, we are going to do things a bit differently this time.
The team selection will be done in reverse order of the SLAENT FIFA Rankings, that were calculated taking in account every former player's past tournament performances.
Newcomers will be asked to play a few friendlies against ranked players so a temporary rank could be attributed to them.
This will hopefully balance the playing field and make it more even for everybody.

Game Settings used :

Half length: 6 minutes
Controls: Any
Game Speed: Normal
Squad Type: Online

Tournament will be played with the teams divided in groups of 4 and a certain number of teams advancing to the knockout rounds, the number of groups and teams advancing will be determined by the number of registrations.
In case of a tie in the table at the end of the group table, the tie breaker criteria will be used in the following order : Head to head, goal difference and goals scored.
If a tie happens in the knockout rounds after both matches, the players will play one more match until a winner is found.
To be decided if the group and knockout rounds will be two matches or just a single match like the final.
I would also ask the players to record the highlight reel at the end of each match and sending it to me, not only to help confirm the results but also for the purpose of creating an highlight reel of every stage and having a vote for goal of the tournament at the end.
There will be a defined timeline for the completion of each stage, players will arrange the playing teams between each other. If a player misses the arranged time and does not respond to any messages in the following 24h, the other player will automatically win by 3-0.

You can register here and do not forget to give your PSN name.

Tables and Results