New thread for 2018.

Need to Know:

-There is a shortage of GPUs from AMD and Nvidia thanks to miners. As a result prices are insane.
-DDR4 is also in short supply. RAM prices are high.
-Ryzen+ is expected to release sometime in Q1/Q2
-Coffee Lake is the best gaming CPU right now
-X299 and X399 are Intel and AMDs HEDT platforms respectively (High End Desktop) (Skylake X and Threadripper)
-Meltdown and Spectre are causing huge disruptions in business and personal computing.

-RGB is NOT in short supply

Some Stuff from CES 2018:

NVIDIA GFGD - 65'' GSYNC monitor

Corsair K63 Wireless Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard + Lapboard

This is a nice product for those who want to game on their PC on a big screen

New Corsair AIO coolers

RGB It All

PCPartPicker - Really good site to check prices of components and view builds

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