This will be a catch all thread for both Fortnite: Save the World and Fortnite: Battle Royale.
GAME: Fortnite
Developer: Epic Games / People Can Fly
Publisher: Epic Games
Released: June 2017
Platforms: PC (Epic Games Launcher), PlayStation 4, Xbox One
PRICE: See Thread.

Fortnite was annouced way back in the frightening year of 2013. Headlining as one of the first games to fully utilize the versatile Unreal Engine 4, the game had officially released nearly four years later for current generation platforms. As an Early Access title , Fortnite has since gotten several huge updates since it's launch in June -- including the incredibly popular Battle Royale mode.


Save the World is billed as the traditional Fortnite experience. It's an Action RPG-Shooter (think Destiny or Borderlands) with heavy elements focused on crafting and building across four different, diablo-esque regions. You and four friends / random players will progress through the questline of the maingame, completing a variety of missions to earn sweet ass loot.

There are four different main classes in the game, and a huge variety of subclasses within.
-The Commando: Your traditional offense-heavy class type.
-The Constructor: Your big body tank-type. Excellent with building constructs and fortifying.
-The Outlander: Your main scavenger type. Can spot rare loot by chaining harvesting combos.
-The Ninja: The fleet-foot. Double jump, whip kicks, smoke bombs and excellent with melee weapons.

Some of the sub-classes within these four get different skills early, or have different stat properties that depend entirely on the rarity. Your classes are portrayed as 'HEROES', and these heroes come in a variety of rarity. Think games like Granblue Fantasy, Fire Emblem Heroes etc etc. At the same time, your account still has a base level that can be modified with stat boosts and affinity upgrades over time with the use of the Survivor cards that you find through your progression.

Weapons, Heroes, Traps for building etc etc all come in different rarity types. Greater the rarity, the more powerful the thing at the cost of either resources or XP.

Crafting and Building is the biggest piece of the Fortnite puzzle. After harvesting as many materials necessary, you use those materials to fortify your position with walls, ramps, stairs and barriers as well as traps to fend yourself off from enemies trying to attack whatever the hell it is you're defending. Building sturdy, creative forts to keep yourself out of harms way is the key to survival in later chapters.

For more details on just how deep the PvE can get, here's a handy starter guide here


Obviously inspired by the hotness of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Fortnite has it's very own Battle Royale gametype. 100 players solo, duo or squads fighting to be the last dude standing. Unlike Fortnite BR, weapons carry over the rarity system from the PvE, as well as the in-depth crafting system. It's pretty self-explanatory at this point.


Fortnite, including both Save the World and Battle Royale, sells at $39.99 for the starter set. There are other versions of the game at other prices that give you more stuff to start STW with. However if you just want to play Battle Royale, that mode can be downloaded seperately for FREE. 100 percent free.

Keep in mind that this is an early access title and, when it finishes, it will be free for both gametypes.


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