This thread is dedicated to all things related to video game speedruns. Whether you're chilling out watching a stream, or learning and performing the intricacies of a run yourself, this is the place to share and discuss.

The best resource for finding communities and runs for specific games is Although not all games/series are listed there (the Halo speedrunning community uses their own website, for example), this is the primary hub for speedrunners, and you can request to have games added in if they are not located there yet.

If you're interested in streaming or recording speedruns yourself, you can acquire Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) for free here:

You will also need a method to time your runs. LiveSplit is popular The games you choose to run may have autosplitters or load removers; check your game's page to see if it's linked there.

Games Done Quick (AKA AGDQ/SGDQ) | Jun 24 - Jun 30, 2018
The most popular and mainstream of the speedrunning marathons, GDQ hosts a large variety of games and runners. Has two primary marathons every year, one during the winter (AwesomeGDQ), and one during the summer (SummerGDQ).

European Speedrunner Assembly (ESA) |
A Europe-flavored version of GDQ, although not limited to European runners.

North American Speedrunner Assembly (NASA) |
These guys have a large pink stuffed gorilla as a mascot.

Shots Fired |
A marathon focused on shooters, and sometimes not shooters, as long as there are still shots to be fired.

Calithon |
A California-themed marathon.

Australian Speedrunning Marathon |
Going fast down under.

Degen Dash |
Wide variety marathon.

RPG Limit Break | Various Dates, Check Link For Schedule
Focuses on many different runs of role playing games.

RTA In Japan |
Japanese speedrunners showing the world how it's done.

SpeedSouls |
Runs of Soulsborne/Souls-like games.