Hey Guys!

Thought I'd make a thread dedicated to streaming on Twitch/whatever else there isi'm sure they are irrelevant
We can share our channels and whatnot and discuss types of games y'all stream, as well as how.

As for me, I bought an elgato hd60 pro for some reason. I think I just wanted a way to save my gaming stuff. I'm not trying to get internet famous, but I also have like 1 viewer whenever I stream lol. Wonder how to get more, but I'm assuming my streams are too boring

When I stream, I don't use a mic or anything, just love to show my amazing average gaming skeelz. No facecams, layout, or anything. Super basic/simple.

List of Slaent Streamers

joefu - https://go.twitch.tv/joefu | Mostly Stream Nintendo stuff - PC Games sometimes
Professor Beef - twitch.tv/profbeef
Ukumio - http://www.mixer.com/Ukumio
BHZ Mayor - www.twitch.tv/bhz_mayor - "Mostly Call of Duty multiplayer but I branch out every now and then."
Deviousjam - twitch.tv/Deviousjam - "I play platformers and RPGs! Currently alternating Mario Odyssey and Dark Cloud."
Music Man - https://twitch.tv/musicman247
MikeBreezy92 - twitch.tv/firetrainer92
Kibner - twitch.tv/kibner
pilonv1 - twitch.tv/carlosthedwarf
HasphatsAnts - https://www.twitch.tv/noldorin2646
ClownsAreATen - https://www.twitch.tv/clownsareaten - "I'm a speedrunner (Just F.E.A.R. so far) but lately it's just been casual streams of Dragon Age Origins. Will be picking up speedrunning again soon though. "

Also, any favorite streamers y'all got? I used to love watching speedrunners, but don't nearly as often now. Only stream I really watch nowadays is Vinny/Vinesauce lol