from Petestrumentals to Samurai Champloo's fantastic OT, i've been about this life for a minute

Nujabes, Fat Jon, Uyama Hiroto, Emancipator, LJones/Cult Classic Records, DJ Okawari, Five Deez, Dr. Who Dat!, Kenichiro Nishihara, Jenova 7, Thallus, Funky DL, Onra, Pase Rock, Kondor, Nomak, Oddisee, literally anyone out of Hydeout productions & tons of classic bandcamp pages i'm forgetting or outright sleeping on...i love this sound.

some people think it's perfect to write/do homework/sleep to. i meditate to it, vibe to it, sometimes run or train to it. it just goes, and i'm so grateful i found artists putting it out there into the ether, happy to share anywhere i can. i'll have more links soon!