It's a serious thread, but an important community one that I want to foster here.

I've been wanting to make this topic for a while, since there aren't any real places to talk about this sort of thing for people who are displaced from their home and their culture. For those who grew up or lived in different countries, being able to share your identity and come to terms with it is important. A lot of people struggled to come to terms with that, and still aren't able to. Whether you are Nigerian refugee living in Japan, or a first generation Taiwanese living in America, Japanese in Peru, a Korean who was sent out for adoption to a white family, you've had to learn how to adapt, find a way to fit in, and at the same time still try and remember your culture and your identity.

There hasn't really been a place for people to really express how they felt being treated like a zoo animal and outcasted and dealing with all the things that come with being displaced from your home, family, and culture. I want this to be a safe place for people like us to share their experiences living or growing up in a new, different world, and how they learned to come to terms with it. As well as help others.

Culture and identity are such an important part of who you are. Being able to hold onto it, share it, and pass it along generation to generation is powerful. If we don't, generations of recipes, cultural practices, skills, and more are lost forever.

I know this is a really personal thing, but so many people are affected by it and if you ever feel like you need a place to talk or an outlet, I want this place to be for you.

I will clean thread up later and add more sections with videos, books, and things to follow.


Fresh of the Boat: A Memoir - Eddie Huang
Double Cup Love - Eddie Huang