The old desk chair I bought from Office Depot for $200 is finally falling apart, so I need a new chair. And whereas my back used to get sore once a year maybe, these days it's happening more often and I suspect the shitty chair is to blame.

Been thinking about getting the Herman Miller Embody, but it's so damn pricey and I don't want to spend the $1100 without having sat in it first. D:

The Other Options:
I had tried the Aerons before and wasn't super in love with it. It's a damn comfy chair for sure, but I always come away from it feeling like, "huh, wasn't as great as I thought it'd be"

The chair at my current job is the Steelcase Leap and I'm not a fan. Buuuuut it's cheap, and looks great.

At my old job we had these Haworth Zody Task chairs and they were fucking amazing. Most comfortable chair I ever sat in, but I just wish they looked nicer.

Anybody got a favorite? Recs? Love to hear what you think of these chairs if you've had your bum in them before.