The focus in the gaming OT is so focused on AAA that an entire subculture is being ignored.

I thought I'd discuss some of the indie games I was able to play this year to kick things off...the good and the bad.

Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan

My personal 2016 indie GOTY. Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan is a game that should be played because it extends itself into an epistemological paradigm that no other game has dared to venture: African Fantasy. Its other commendable merits of resplendent environments, captivating story, and adept gameplay are complimentary, but secondary to the fact that this game's very existence is (gaming) history.


My 2016 Indie GOTY runner-up, with the simplicity of its inviting controls, satisfying game flow, and enthralling yet ambiguous story that will have fans theorycrafting like Playdead once did with Limbo.


Third place. Seraph conducts a makeover on the old model of side-scrolling platform run-and-guns, blessing gamers everywhere with a fantastic contribution to the SHUMP genre. I have over 70 hours invested into this game and I still have one more angelic level to acquire.


Abzû is a nice looking game that will also be remembered as a missed opportunity to surpass or at least achieve a comparative level of greatness that is its inspiration, Journey.

Seasons After Fall

Seasons after Fall is a pleasurable exercise in aesthetic finesse, demonstrating how creative indie developers continue to do more with less.

Clockwork Empires

Capriciously, I can recommend Clockwork Empires because I know that the developer is dedicated to making this game compete with the likes of simulations such as Prison Architect. Alluring, but flawless game, this is not, so buyer beware.

I will update this thread as more indie games are discussed. I'm confident that I could recommend a few more, but I'm not going to lay claim to games I own, but have yet to play.