Overwatch is a class-based, teamwork-focused FPS shooter with matchmaking and ranked play. Each class has unique abilities including game-changing ultimates. Game modes include king of the hill, territory capture with designated offense/defense sides, payload pushing, and sometimes a combination thereof.

Release date is May 24th on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. $40 on PC and $60 on console. Will have free DLC over time in the form of new classes.

Lots of skins, emotes, play-of-the-game animations, and other cosmetics are acquired by opening loot boxes that are given on account level up during play. There will be an option to purchase additional loot boxes, however, the contents will always be random.


Wait, Blizzard made backstories and animated shorts for the characters?

Trailers and Teasers

Gameplay Trailer
Gameplay Trailer #2
Theatrical Teaser | "We Are Overwatch"
Animated Shorts Teaser
Cinematic Teaser | "Are You With Us?"
Cinematics Trailer
Ana Origin Story

Animated Shorts


I have no friends to play with :(
SL&ENT has you covered! Below are the list of fellow board members that want to play with you! If you want to be added to this list, just post your tag in the thread (along with which system) and I will update the OP with it. If it has been a day and your tag hasn't been added to the list, send me a PM with the info.

PC (Battle.Net Battletags)
Kibner#1642 (Kibner)
Moris#1209 (Moris)
Rob#13618 (Rob)
Lupercal#1331 (Lupercal)
dboythagr8#1979 (Smokey)
StrangePixeL#1340 (Dark Phaze)
Data#11604 (data)
LiveFeed#2454 (Facism)
xpike#11193 (Xpike)
giririsss#1849 (Giri)
hunterXero#1839 (parallax)
Freedom105#1713 (Freedom = $1.05)
Trey#11437 (Trey)
Charsace#1885 (charsace)
rossonero#21993 (rossonero)
Coler#21436 (Mr Cola)
jar155#1816 (Jeff-DSA)
Noldorin2646#1488 (HasphatsAnts)

Kikarian (Kikarian)
Smokey_Nice (Smokey)
orphicwhip (Psych)
Sitschey (Dipro)
OneTwoTee (OneTwoTee)
jar155 (Jeff-DSA)


Frankman (trailer links)
DY_Nasty (trailer link)