God damn what a shit day.

To preface, been seeing this girl for little while now, introduced by my best friend. We've went out like 5 tor so imes now,and we've seen each other many more times than that at mutual gatherings.. so I feel like I know this girl fairly well and we've kissed before.

Anyway, I took her out to this gelato place and everything is going fine, we get back in my car and I put my hand on her thigh near her skirt and she fucking flips out on me and starts huffing and puffing all over the place. So we get into an argument about where we stand and it ends with her saying she just wants to go home. The drive back home was incredibly uncomfortable and she just sat there silently with her arms folded and face crossed.

I've tried calling her back later in the night to talk things through, but no answer. I felt like the time was right for something like that, but apparently not. Shit sucks because this girl was really sweet and was the perfect type for me. (music oriented, likes running, the heat, and is a red head with freckles).

Now I'm going to get fucking ripped a new one by my best friend. ugh