Warriors are the best team in the league hands down and one of the best teams the leauge has seen period. Curry has missed 2 games with a bruised leg, it's not considered serious.

Kawhi is amazing, and San Antonio is a very close 2nd best in the league. And if not for Golden State's historic season thus far would be the talk of the league.

Russ and Durant are at their best, but their coach isn't an improvement over Brooks, Kanter is a terrible fit on their roster, Ibaka's development has stalled, maybe even regressed. Dion Waiters. The team wins games through the sheer power of Russ and KD individual performances but they're not built to beat The Spurs or Warriors.

Blake is out a few weeks with a torn quad ligament, Clips bench is still butt cheeks. Paul Pierce going out a washed Clipper warms my heart.

Expected to one of the worst teams in the league after a meltdown of a offseason. Dirk is having a good season for 37 year old, Wes is slowly returning to form after his achilles injury and Deron Williams actually likes basketball again.

Their core minus Conley are all over 30, they aren't the dark horse they once were. A rebuild is imminent, how exaclty it goes down is anyone's guess but until then they'll still be a pain to play against most nights.

Supremely dissappointing. Harden still hates defense, Dwight is a quality big as it stands but a shadow of his healthy self. Lawson experiment isn't working and he's not garnering any interest in the trade market. McHale wasn't the problem clearly, but whatever the answer is, is anyone's guess.

Decimated by injuries. They lost Exum before the season started, Favor is having back issues that cost him a few games, Gobert suffered a knee sprain which will keep him out about half of January and Alec Burks sprained his ankle. The 2 most important defenders missing time together will obviously hurt a team that shines on the defensive end above all else. A weak Western Conference is keeping the playoff dream alive in Utah.

Stotts has kept his team together and even helped Aminu level up appareantly. CJ McCollum is playing like a legit 2 guard. Lillard has missed 6 games in December and will miss more in January. Not a huge deal for a team that was written off in October and has so far surprised by not being totally awful.

Boogie is becoming one of the biggest puzzles in the league. Is he keeping the team from basement dwelling? Is he keeping them from the playoffs? Yes to both probably, but it's not entirely on Boogie at all. Sacramento is still high on the list of dysfunctional teams if not at the very top.

Will Fucking Barton is arguably Denver's best palyer and Emmanuel Mudiay may be their worst. Life is brazy.

Towns and Wiggins are fun to watch. Kevin Martin at 32 is probably worse than KG who will be 40 in May. Tayshaun Prince is getting 20 minutes a night while being mega ultra washed HD.

Sarver's boner for the playoffs may claim a few victims before February including a pretty good coach who just lost his best palyer for the season and still has one half of the notorious Morris brothers on his roster.

Injuries hurt Nola early, only 3 players have played all of their 32 games. With a new coach, system and limited court time together their struggles are understandable but still worrying.

Jordan Clarkson is still dope. Russell, Randle and even Nance have made some encouraging steps forward but are still making rookie mistakes. Kobe is less horrible than earlier this season. Future Laker Ben Simmons has looked pretty good in college.

Kyrie returned December 20th for a 3 game run where he averaged 10pts 3asts on 29% shooting. Cavs are still atop The Eastern Conference which is currently the most competitive it has been in recent memory.

Paul Milsap is their best player and they're the 2nd best team in their conference. IWMTB is somewhere crying tears of joy.

In December they lost to Denver and Sacramento. They beat Miami and San Antonio. That is Toronto in a nutshell.

The ghost of Derrick Rose still haunts the court, the team as a whole is just....

Little over 3 years after trading their star player in Dwight to Los Angeles, Orlando is 6 games above .500 and in a better place than every team involved in that trade. In a more competitive East than we're used to they could out of the playoff picture with just a handful of losses. Payton's jumper is still suspect but he has improved overall as a player, Oladipo unfortinately looks like he took a step back.

Dragic is playing more like himself and Whiteside hasn't been involved in a murder/suicide. Solid December for Miami.

Paul George was great in November, but has cooled off considerably this past month. Their record more or less reflects that.

Brad Stevens is a great coach, Jae Crowder continues to improve and Stevens has somehow made Turner work in his offense somewhat reliably. Marcus Smart is still half of a basketball player.

MKG was resting in power, and then The Hornets got hit with a slew of injuries while Kemba has remained healthy. Still within striking distance of a playoff spot with MKG potentially ready for a post season return. Get scurred Cleveland.

Drummond and Jackson are having good years so far, Jennigns is back and ready to be traded for whatever Phil Jackson can scrap together from his couch cushions.


Killah Kris proving scouts wrong, Melo proving critics right. Team is overachieving or underperforming, who the fuck knows. Either way if he's truly a real one, KP gonna toss Anthony in the bushes by season 2, stay tuned.

They broke The Warriors streak, but the addition of Greg Monroe has been underwhelming as hell so far. Jabari Parker is still working his way back from his knee injury that he suffered last year.

Too shitty to win much, FO's past incompitence too great to make losing a viable option this season. The Brooklyn Knicks are born.

For sale: basketball hopes, never used.

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