Update 1/29/19: Top 10 voted films video published
Update 1/15/2019: Top 10 youtube video will be published on 1/29/19. also award winners will be announced.
Update 1/10/2019: Prize Winner will receive a $175 Gift card. Social media winner will receive a $25 Gift card.

Welcome SLAENT family, film buffs, connoisseurs, and everyone in-between.
We're doing things a little bit differently this year, where you, as a SLAENT member, get to decide this year's best films.
To show our gratitude, we're awarding prizes to lucky voters. Just vote in the Google Docs below.
And if you're not a SLAENT member yet, just click on the "Login/Register" above in the red header, create an account, and vote away!
The 10 films that have the most points will be revealed in a YouTube video on our channel. The New cutoff to submit an entry is January 15th 12:00AM (PST).

An additional prize in the form of a random drawing, will be open to those who Retweet the official giveaway tweet:

The breakdown is as follows:
10th choice - 1 pt
9th choice - 2 pts
8th choice - 3 pts
7th choice - 4 pts
6th choice - 5 pts
5th choice - 6 pts
4th choice - 7 pts
3rd choice - 8 pts
2nd choice - 9 pts
1st choice - 10 pts

We'll tally up the top 10 films with the most points and reveal them to you on YouTube.
The video will be published January 14th, 2019. The voter whose ballots most closely mirrors that of the top 10 will win a prize.
(Prizes will be revealed in a later date.)

It's that easy. Vote now, retweet and check back on January 29th, 2019 for the reveal and prize winners.
Good luck and choose wisely!

Vote here: