**** Begin Announcement: Tentative Date/Time and Game Below****

September 2nd: 01:00 - 03:00 GMT (this is September 1st, 8-10 pm CST for USA people)
Game: Quake Champions

**** End Announcement ****

I want to find out if there is much interest in doing something like a monthly SL&ENT game night. What I am envisioning is people agreeing on a date/time/game and playing together. Those who are able to stream can do so, in order to involve the other members who weren't able to make it. I would like to see it being only an hour or two long so those who can't make large time commitments can still join.

It could be a serious thing if the game night is something like which team/player can win more rounds in a given time frame or just watching the good and competitive players doing their competitive thing in like 2K, FIFA, Overwatch, CS:GO while we shit talk them in chat and on the board.

Or, it could be a less serious thing where we gather to play a game like Throne of Lies. It's a game that is similar to Mafia and Werewolf but takes advantage of the unique capabilities playing anonymously over the internet can bring.

I know this board has people from around the world so deciding on a dedicated day and time can be tricky. Splitting up the event between NA/SA, EU, and Asia/OCE regions could help with at least getting those in reasonably close timezones to each other able to play together.

If this sounds like it would be a fun thing to do, who would be willing to commit to it? I would definitely be down, especially since it would be only once a month (though we could always make it more often if people desire).