I was just bopping around steam and saw this game that reminded me of an old C64 gem called "Lazy Jones" and had a flood of memories and odd realization...

The Game song Blood Nation has a sample of Zombie Nation's "Kernkraft 400" (not an unknown fact at all)
"Blood Nation" Sample starts at 4 seconds

"Kernkraft 400" Sample starts at 1m57s

But the thing is Kernkraft 400's iconic rift was lifted from Lazy Jones something that they settled later in court but still Kernkraft 400 charted on the Billboards across the world.. it peaked at number 2 in the UK and 99 in the US...

Lazy Jones

So I was wondering when else this had happened... The only other time I could think of was Cha Cha by DRAM


"Star Road from Mario World"

Any other examples? It wouldn't have to be only games.. maybe TV theme songs and what not.. but I figure this happens way more then we notice..