Before you tell me to build a PC, please don't. I've built plenty of them over the years. No, it's not fun and rewarding, just annoying as hell, not to mention inconvenient. I don't want to tend to a computer like it's a fucking car. So let's get this straight right now, I prioritize the convenience of using and maintaining anything I own over any other pros/cons. If there's a machine that will let me play AAA PC games without costing me an arm and a leg (more than $700) and without requiring me to assemble it myself, I would love to hear about it.

Now, while convenience is an absolute must, I still want my games to look good (1080p 60fps for nearly all titles is fine) so I'm mainly looking for hardware that has a good bang for buck ratio (it doesn't need to be upgradable because by the time I need to upgrade it, I'd rather just get a new console).

I've scoured the internet and it seems that the only thing that seemed to fit the criteria were the Alienware steam machines, but there aren't any new versions out and I want the latest GPU and CPU architectures available, even if they're low powered versions of those architectures.

My spec preferences:

- Pascal GPU
- Intel Coffee Lake CPU (I'll settle for Kaby)
- 8 gigs of high speed VRAM

(any console style PC containing these chips will likely have other high quality components, so I'm not gonna be picky about the other parts).

Now, after looking at the above request, you're probably scoffing at this post. That's fine. If you don't think such a product exists, you're more than welcome to say so. I'm actually mostly interested in seeing if it exists myself. Not really expecting someone to find me what I'm looking for. If not, then I guess I'll be waiting to get another 'gaming PC' when such a product is introduced to the market (with updated specs, of course).