In the spirit of community outreach, I'm moving the No Quitters fantasy league discussion thread to BOTH SL&ENT and ResetEra and plan to maintain both threads going forward. In addition to the Commish - aka Cloudy - being able to participate in his own league discussion threads again, we'll be soliciting interest in the league from both forums in the future. This should help to ensure that we're never short on hitting our 16-team owner quota going forward, but it will also mean that waiting list sign-ups will go fast - and those will open up for potential new recruits as of December 26th.

For those of you who aren't familiar with it, this was NeoGAF's longest-running competitive fantasy football league... and while we may have quit GAF there is NO quitting No Quitters. While this is an established league with a great deal of history, it is not a dynasty league. Everyone starts from scratch with a clean slate just like all of the teams in the NFL. Filled with aspirations of being great until reality sets in and you realize you're playing for the Browns or the Bills.

Well, okay... we do have owners that quit between seasons which is why we're always fielding interest from new recruits but DURING the season... oh no, there's no quitting until your team's mathematically eliminated. Furthermore, as always, this is a league with actual stakes. We play for Amiibos / Loot Boxes / Gamerscore / Bitcoins / Random Substitute for Dollars that Isn't Dollars But is Actually Dollars. League dues last season were 65 of said unit of measurement up front with the top 4 teams making the money. Did I say money? That's just a metaphor. Yeah... metaphor.

The League

The Season 9 ResetEra OT

Season 1 / Season 2 / Season 3 / Season 4 / Season 5 / Season 6 / Season 7 / Season 8 / Season 9 OT1

LeagueSafe League URL:

League Settings
Trade Deadline = Saturday, November 11th

This is a 16 team head-to-head, 0.5 PPR redraft league with a snake draft and weekly waiver priority determined by team standings (last place team gets to claim first). 8 teams make the playoffs. Return yardage is credited to offensive players as well so be sure to factor that in to your drafting decisions.

Payout structure is as follows... as always, Week 14 is the ever critical MONEY WEEK where you make the money if you win and make nothing if you lose.

1st - $440
2nd - $300
3rd - $200
4th - $100

Returning for Another Season

Angel's Superb Team {Sinistar}
Bail Kings GAFcoast {Crazymoogle}
Crispy {VPhys aka The Defending Champ}
Dinner Out {Cloudy's Cousin}
Ember Island Players {GCQuinton}
The Ghost of Peyton {Cloudy / Konex aka The Commish}
Good As Gould {rinker}
The Hibachi Grill {donjeezy}
Long Island Broskis {UberTag}
Spyders {spyder_ur}
TD's N' Beer {Minx}

New Recruits for 2017

Evil Corp {Hazelhurst}
Joe GOATANA {TheSkullPrince}
Mild Concussions {SaveWeyard}
Toto the Magical Pug {Doominated}

If your online handle has changed during the transition... or if you're reflected by different names between SL&ENT and ResetEra... please let me know so I can ensure we keep your handles current. And if you're still sticking to GAF as your online home, that's also fine. We don't discriminate. We won't be recruiting new team owners from there but existing teams are locked in between seasons unless they bow out themselves. And previous No Quitters team owners will get bumped to the front of the waiting list line so long as they left on good terms so be mindful of that when we start gauging interest for the 2018 season.

VPhys' Team Crispy WON the league as a rookie last season - and TheSkullPrince's Joe GOATANA squad is dominating the league so far this year - so don't be discouraged from joining just because we have an established crop of regulars.