I guess my fascination with true crime started when I was 10 and Norberg from Naked Gun killed two people. Started watching Unsolved Mysteries after that and down the rabbit hole I went. It was a weird hobby and my parents were rightfully concerned but now true crime is all the rage. Tons of podcasts, documentaries, shows and even entire television networks devoted to it. This thread is to talk about those shows, the cases they cover and the ones they don't.

Recommended Listening. Feel free to add your own!

The Last Podcast on the Left - The GOAT. I was going to make this topic just about them but decided to add more. Not for the feint of heart or easily offended. I'd recommend starting with the Jack The Ripper Series if you're new... Gives you a feel for their humor and the amount of research they put into cases. They cover ghosts, ufos and monsters too. Those are always fun. Also check out The Last Stream on the Left at Adult Swim.

True Crime: Casefile - Very serious podcast and very well done. Start with the East Area Rapist aka Original Night Stalker series.

The Trail Went Cold - The host is a very charming fella and covers a lot of cases from Unsolved Mysteries.

My Favorite Murder - I stopped listening to this when the chit chatty intros started lasting 20+ minutes. Probably still good though

Generation Why - Good straight forward show with bland hosts I often can't tell apart.

The Conspirators - Covers a wide variety of topics.

Missing Maura Murray - Focused on the 2004 disappearance of college student Maura Murray. There's also a show about her on OXYGEN.

True Crime Garage - Very well produced and researched show.

Black Hands - Focused on the Bain Family murder in 1994.

Dark Topic - Host kinda reminds me of Bill Burr only a lot less funny and a lot more canadian.