This is semi inspired by the shitty food thread as PSY smothers everything in Ketchup. Politics too though I suppose. Then I just got to thinking about various changes in general that I've gone through over the year. So SLAENT ... in what way have you changed? Food? Politics? Religion? Video Games? Movies?

To start:

1. Mayo. It's been an odd ride for me an Mayo. I loved it as a really young child. Then I tried some home made stuff and couldn't stand to look at Mayo for 20+ years of my life. Recently though, over the last couple of years, I have been able to dabble in Mayo again selectively. It's not a favorite of mine, but I now think it's a must on various sandwhiches.

2. Ketchup. Loved the shit. It's become my least favorite condiment.

3. Eggs. Hated all eggs. Then only ate scrambled eggs. Now I can eat a fried egg with things and actually prefer a burger with a fried egg on it.

4. Gay Marriage. I grew up semi religious and in a conservative town. My views changed fast when I became close friends with a gay couple at the age of 21. I was ahead of the political curve, but not by a whole bunch.

5. Ideology. I was a republican in high school and early college. No shit.

6. Religion. I was never confirmed but did receive my first communion. Outside of high school I seriously inured my elbow but received a scholarship to a small NAIA school to play ball. It was a super religious school and I thought it was God's plan for me. Very bad experience and one that start me down my path to eventual agnostic atheism.

7. Video Games. I've grown really tired of the FPS genre. I feel like it all went downhill after Halo 2 lol.