Past Mock Drafts:

Same Rules:
-The pick will be made by fans of the team and majority rules. If two idiots want Lauri #1 overall while one sane person wants almost anyone else...too bad you're picking Lauri.

-If only one fan speaks up they will choose. (Amount of time you have to show up and give your two cents on your team's pick will be arbitrarily decided by me, but we got 17 days so shouldn't be much rush.)

-If there is a 50/50 split. The decision will be made with a coin toss by me.

-No trading unless it's for other picks in the current draft and nothing else.

-if no fan speaks up for their team, we'll have BlackAce select in their place.

Use this thread to discuss with your fellow fans to make your pick and to spit in others' general direction.