Will update the OP soon, but for now but I thought we needed an official thread for the Nintendo Switch for discussion/questions etc.,

Friend Codes (lol - please nintendo let us use our nintendo ID's already.):
Method - SW-4091-2808-0713
Masud - SW-6113-4958-3115
Forever - SW-2835-1874-0694
Shun - SW-6672-6094-8901
Data - SW-7670-2092-3048
gotemrunnin - SW-3823-3999-3578
LFMartins86 - SW-0493-1103-3927
Hitch - SW-7672-7892-8105
FlusterPuffs - SW-2870-6415-5222
Vic - SW-3629-5648-8867
Freewheelin - SW-4218-3449-6401
YungMagus - SW-2945-6332-0416