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By SUPER YARAK Go To Posthaha they had a conference today? Fucking hell 0 hype, didn't even know it happened.
You're telling me you're not excited for Assassin's Creed, World of Tanks, Minecraft, and Jurassic ...
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By reilo Go To PostOh my god Luke Cage feigning shock in Episode 6 at Stick wanting to get rid of the body after he decapitated it and calling it a murder like the right thing to do is ...
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By Scum Go To Post1. Man Utd
2. Man City
3. Chelsea
4. Arsenal

1. Celtic
2. Aberdeen

1. Juve
2. Napoli
3. Inter
4. Milan

1. PSG
2. Monaco

1. Sporting
2. Porto
3. Benfica

1. R. Madrid ...
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He's got a long reach but he's not 6'11 lol
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This article has been getting a lot of run.

Extremist right wingers are already moving up the ranks in many state legislatures. An Oklahoma state legislator called for the closing of mosques this past ...
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Stripclubs are the least appealling places on the planet for me

I'd rather go to Slough.
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The Case of Being Reincarnated as Yamcha chapter 3(Final chapter) is out. It's the best thing dragonball related. Hilarious and Dragon Garrow Lee really imitate Toriyama's style well. I like it more than Toyotaro's attempt.

Chapter ...
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Every woman I've ever dated has been underweight.
By Elchele Go To Postchubby girls

Sure, but not to wife.
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By reilo Go To PostLaphroig 10, then Lagavulin 16 it is. Neat, duh. Also finished the bottle of Hibiki Suntory earlier this week, it was excellent, as mentioned.

All good choices.
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By vphys Go To PostLeague Draft/Start Date: (Tentative) Monday, September 4th, 9 PM Eastern, 6 PM Pacific

Is this still Tentative? If it is not this time, what is the backup time?
It was changed to that and ...
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Safari on OS X Sierra 10.12.6. Was mainly in the football thread (twitter/youtube embeds) but seems to have been fixed now, lol.
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By Kibner Go To PostSo like how gasoline profits are regulated.

Sweeden has a central system that funds things via taxation. It's broken up into smaller areas. Each county area is in charge is providing the public option ...
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By Kibner Go To PostAll the site that I've made for my current company are purely intranet and I don't even remember if they are setup with SSL or not.
Intra? probably not. Or at best, are ...
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Sooo... apparently Cal's athletic department is likely to be insolvent for at least the next 50 years.
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Bryce dead on the field

That's why I don't fuck with this sport. Too many games and ppl getting injured on dumb shit.
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Shame about Jamaica man, feel like an end an era for us. Not just bolt, but peak blake, powell and Shelly-Ann etc.

Proud of that Uk team tho, incredible relay.