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Conan is the only bearable American talk show host I've seen

Fallon is annoying as fuck
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By Adam Blade Go To PostMore like being…
-short Asian
-limited dating experience

= forever alone :'(

How short we talking here? I see hot women with short dudes all the time.
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By Monroeski Go To PostKansas planning $300 million stadium renovation.
What's KU's ceiling as a program? Hard to imagine they could reattain the heights of the Mangino era.
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By Moris Go To PostI think Simmons is gonna be really good, but he's not playing in SL.

Fultz has been playing 1 on 5 his whole college career. I expect that in a meaningless tourny where guys ...
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It amazes me that Alpha is a Porsche fan these days.
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By Trey Go To Post30 sens have you following the action on screen like

Yeah, 30 sens at 1600 dpi with, I'm assuming, 1080p is pretty ridiculous.

Could probably do a 720 with a simple swipe. :p
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I'm not much of a moviegoer, so I'm RRLTTP, but I watched a movie with the leather reclining chairs where seating is reserved and I don't think I'll ever watch a move any other way now.
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Yea, I'm really liking Big Fish Theory.

Really exciting time to be a fan of LA-based rappers. Such a good variety, quality, and selection.
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By data Go To PostLast night I discovered a depression in the upper middle of my mattress

I may have found the real culprit behind my last 6 months of misery
Depression isn't a physical object m8, it ...
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By rvy Go To PostWasn't ready for that doo doo sighting.
Lol, TCO, Technical Crap Out.

Also, retire Yamasaki please. Worst officiating he's done ever and he's got some really shittily officiated matches. Allowing 12-6 elbows ...
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Closing in on the 'stros ...
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3 days straight without going to the gym

RIP progress
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So fucking good.

Fuck Vettel, shouldve been black flagged.

Massa couldve won it if he had not retired :(